How We Will Help You
Your Tip of the Arrow counselor will work with you to:

  • Take an inventory of marketable skills – not just your MOS – and repackage them for civilian employment
  • Build an effective, attention-getting resumé
  • Develop job search strategies and skills(e.g., online and other research to find potential recruiters, employers, and positions; networking/network building; managing your online presence and making use of appropriate social networking and other websites; letter writing; direct mailing of resumés)
  • Prepare for interviewsthrough training, role playing, and pre-interview briefings (e.g., how to do your homework on a company before an interview, how to answer questions, what questions to ask, how to dress, what image to project)
  • Debrief after each interview (e.g., assess the interview, plan next steps, write appropriate thank you notes, follow-up at appropriate intervals)
  • Negotiate salary and benefit packages
  • Smooth the way into your new job through post-employment mentoring – We will not forget about you after you are hired, because we want to ensure your long-term success in a new career.

We know this may be a difficult mission for you, especially in the current economic environment. So it is our intent to provide the guidance, motivation, and encouragement to do whatever is necessary in preparing for and winning a good job. We will help you transfer the discipline you learned in the military to this new mission. Expect us to serve as your coach, cheerleader, and civilian First Sergeant! And expect us to provide helpful, honest, constructive feedback.

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