Welcome back!

The nation is proud of you and happy you are home. We offer our thanks for your service.
Your time with the demobilization unit represents the tip of the arrow in your transition from military to civilian life. In addition to receiving debriefings and medical examinations, you will learn about your VA benefits and other military support programs.

One of your new challenges will be to embark on a job hunting mission. This may be a reentry into the civilian workforce, or it may put you in unfamiliar territory. In either case, you will not be alone. At the Tip of the Arrow Foundation, we have found a unique way to give back to you.

Who We Are

The Tip of the Arrow Foundation is a volunteer organization staffed by highly experienced career counselors. Our target is U.S. veterans of the Global War on Terror. Our aim is to help you transition to civilian work life successfully.

Most or our consultants are veterans themselves and have faced a transition similar to the one on which you are embarking. We will provide you with one-on-one coaching and guidance to help you navigate the entire process of finding and entering your next career. In addition, we have cultivated relationships with potential employers in both the private and government sectors to help clear the path toward achieving your desired job.

Tip of the Arrow counselors will be on post during your stay with the demobilization company, available to meet with you and get you started on the job search process. If you do not have time to do this while going through demob, do not worry! You will always have someone to call after you return home. That is our commitment to you. The counselor to whom you are assigned will be available by phone 24/7. No other transition service available to veterans offers the same level of support.

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